About Us

Bahamourri creates candle collections, concrete and resin creations and jewelry. 

As we are located in The Bahamas, it is easy to find inspiration! Everything that we make stems from the culture, history, geography and topology of the archipelago of The Bahamas.  We want to capture life in the islands and have you bring a piece of it into your homes.  We incorporate as many senses into our work so that you can actually smell and touch the aspects of the islands in your personal space.  Smell our candles and transform yourself to the beach.  Touch our textured art creations and feel the limestone of our rocks.

We strive to educate about our country, so that the rest of the world can know a bit more about this lovely chain of islands.  We include facts in most of our candle collections, incorporate elements of our coat of arms into our artwork and name various product lines after island settlements and other points of interest.

We strive for excellence everyday and are extremely proud to be Bahamian.

Everyone has The Bahamas on their bucket list to travel to! Why not make it permanent!

 Thank you for your support!

The Bahamourri team of artisans